Programs and Services

The Puerto Rican Family Institute offers a comprehensive array of social and health care services that are culturally and linguistically relevant. Its core services include mental health treatment, crisis intervention, placement prevention, residential care and education.

The Puerto Rican Family Institute is committed to quality care, ensuring access to treatment and executing its clinical, residential and administrative responsibilities in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Care Coordination: In 1993, PRFI established the Children’s Intensive Case Management Program now serving 132 severely emotionally disturbed children and their families in need of clinical case management and supervision. Concurrently PRFI began operating an Adolescent Supportive Case Management Program now serving 80 severely emotionally disturbed youth and their families in need of clinical case management and therapeutic services. In 1994, PRFI established the Blended and Supportive Case Management Program providing a continuum of adult supportive services to homeless mentally ill individuals throughout New York City to help improve their functioning in their communities. In total it serves 1,128 clients making it the largest in NYS.

  • Head Start: The Head Start Program currently serves 1,396 children through its 35 centers located in Brooklyn, the Bronx and san Juan, Puerto Rico. Launched in 1997 and expanded in 2005, the PRFI Head Start Program is a center-based, full day program designed to provide pre-school children of low-income families with a comprehensive shild development program to meet their educational, emotional, social, health and nutritional needs.

  • Mental Health Clinics: Services provided by the 5 Mental Health Clinics include individual and group psychotherapy, marital and family counseling, psycho-pharmaceutical therapy, crisis intervention, and case management. Outpatient treatment services are provided to children, adolescents, adults and their families at state licensed clinics that operate in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. In Jersey City, NJ, the Institute established the PRFI Jersey City Mental Health Clinic in 1999 as a separate non-profit organization affiliated with the Institute in New York. The PRFI Jersey City Mental Health Clinic also operates the Bridges Program providing specialized mental health services for people living with HIV/AIDS. It also operates outreach programs for Diabetes (Horizon Foundation), the Homeless, and an Education and Prevention HIV/AIDS federal project aimed at minority college students in the states of New Jersey and New York.

  • Child Placement Prevention: Services are designed to prevent initial placement of children and adolescents, avert re-entry, and to reduce the time a child spends in placement, as a result of child abuse or neglect. The Institute’s four city wide prevention programs combine casework, psychiatric counseling and treatment with a variety of proven support and concrete services to frame interventions that support the Latino family and strengthen communities plagued by multiple social and economic stressors. PRFI provides parenting skills training utilizing a bilingual and bicultural curriculum that it has developed that promotes parent-child bonding and improves the parent’s child rearing skills and knowledge of child development.

  • Residential: For the past 27 years, PRFI has provided services to the developmentally disabled population through the provision of quality community based residential services which aims to provide skills that will enable him or her to live as independently as possible. It operates 3 Intermediate Care Facilities and an Individual Residential Alternative facility.

  • Home Based Crisis Intervention: Operating since 1991, this program provides immediate hospital diversion and stabilization to severely emotionally disturbed youth. This Brooklyn based program provides four weeks of intensive home-based interventions aimed to diffuse crises and prevent recurrent hospitalizations.

  • Latino Lifeline for Seniors: The Life Line Center for Latino Seniors is serving an often marginalized and underserved segment of the Latino Population. Based at the Brooklyn Mental Health Clinic, the program offers seniors counseling, assistance with obtaining financial entitlements, referrals for medical services, food stamp assistance, and other community resources and group and peer support.

  • Education and Awareness: PRFI provides ESL and GED ABLE services and referral helping many of Latino individuals learn English, passed their GED and learn about Job Readiness. PRFI also provides Immigrant help with applications, and legal referrals. Other Programs such as the Facilitated Enrollment Program assist families and children with proper Medicaid enrollment procedures and other entitlements. PRFI also operates a Diabetes Education and Prevention program reaching out to thousands in needs of this service.

  • Food Pantry: PRFI maintains a food pantry program for our clients providing food for families and children in need.