Latino Social Work Task Force Scholarship Applications

The Latino Social Work Task Force Scholarship Applications are now available at your school of Social Work. You must be admitted to the designated school of social work for this coming year (Sept 2014-2015). Applications should be submitted to your school (not to LSWTF).

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About the Latino Social Work Task Force

In 2000, the Puerto Rican Family Institute (PRFI), and the New York City Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW-NYC) began a collaboration to address the shortage of Latino social workers in New York City. Both organizations had become well aware that more culturally and linguistically competent professionals were urgently needed to address the complex needs of New York’s diverse, largely immigrant, low-income, and rapidly-growing Latino community. As part of that collaboration, in 2002, the two organizations convened a well-attended public policy forum entitled Pa’lante (Moving Forward) which identified key issues including the service needs of Latinos, social policy and social action issues, and the components of social work training and education. The forum also led to the formation of the Latino Social Work Task Force (LSWTF). The Task Force has the key goal of heightening awareness of the shortage of Latino social workers needed to serve the Latino community and creating a collaborative effort to address this need.

To facilitate the achievement of this mission, PRFI, NASW-NYC and the Task Force enlists the support of a consortium of New York City’s seven graduate schools of social work which includes:

  • Adelphi University School of Social Work
  • Columbia University School of Social Work
  • Fordham Graduate School of Social Service
  • Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work
  • Lehman Department of Social Work
  • New York University Silver School of Social Work
  • Yeshiva University Wurzeiler School of Social Work

The goals of the LSWTF are:

  • To provide scholarships to Latino MSW students each school year, and
  • To provide assistance to empower selected Latino MSW students to succeed in and graduate from social work schools.
  • To identify and recruit appropriate and committed bachelor level Latino Human service workers and college students with a commitment to the field of human services to apply to graduate schools of social work.

This alliance with PRFI, NASW-NYC, and the Task Force, includes matching the scholarship amounts raised by the Latino Social Work Task Force. As of 2013, the LSWTF has provided funding with more than $395,000 in 84 scholarships for 75 Latino social work graduate students which is then matched by the graduate schools of social work. Additionally, the Task Force has successfully advocated for a loan-forgiveness program in New York State to help human service workers pursue an MSW degree as well as the licensure exam waiver. The Task Force also conducts Round Table sessions addressing current issues in Social Work such as licensing, cultural relevance in passing the licensing test, the impact of the loss of bilingual social workers in communities of color and other current issues.



A fundraising dinner is celebrated circa March of each year. Buy a page, get visibility and support us, or join us in celebrating El Mes de Hispanidad - Hispanic Heritage Month.

LSWTF Invite card 2014
It was a wonderful event. Thank you for your support.

Group Photo of Honorees and Task Force Members, March 10, 2011.

Group Photo of Scholarship Recipients, Task Force Members and Congressman Ed Towns, Council Members Maria del Carmen Arroyo and Rosie Mendez, March 22, 2012.